Walmart Credit Card Login, Review & FAQ 2020

Walmart Credit Card

Walmart Credit Card Login and interest rate are outlined here. This Credit Card comes with great Cash backs, Apply for Walmart card through Synchrony Bank. 

Walmart Credit Card Reviews

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Walmart Credit Card is designed exclusively to be used for purchases at Walmart Stores (Both online and offline), all major stores among others.

The Walmart Card is used for the purchase of groceries and any other home staples as required.

Comes with a cash back of between 2% – 3% based on purchases and point of use.

Is this card really worth it? This and many more shall be reviewed here to know if this card is really viable for you.

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Walmart Card Rates and Fees

Below are highlights of some rates and fees that accrues and is incurred by using the walmart card.

  • Annual Fee – $0
  • APR Balance Transfers – NA
  • APR Purchases – 25.15% (based on your creditworthiness)
  • Credit Score – Not Applicable
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – NA
  • Late Payment – Up to $38 (You need to contact support for options)
  • Minimum Interest Charge – N/A


The following benefits are available for Walmart Credit Cardholders upon signup.

  1. Acceptance – Walmart Credit card is accepted anywhere MasterCard and Visa is accepted
  2. Purchase Cash Backs – Cardholders get 1% back on every purchases made at Walmart stores, SAM’s Club, etc.
  3. Cash Back – For every fuel you get at Walmart and Murphy gas stations you get 2% back
  4. Credit Score: Available to individuals with low or bad credit history (This is a plus)
  5. Individuals with 550 FICO score can also qualify for Walmart Credit Card
  6. Expiration – No expiration (terms applies however)
  7. Online Rewards – On every purchases made at, cardholders earns 3% in cash back
  8. Statement Credit – If you make purchases with $25 within 24 hours of opening the Walmart Credit card, you get an instant $25 credit statement.
  9. Unlimited Rewards – Unlimited access to reward and it will be issued as statement credit monthly

Walmart Credit Card Requirements

There are no much requirements as it concern the Walmart Card except for point of emphasis, the below listed.

  • Applicants of the Walmart Credit Card must be 18 years and above
  • Applicants must be a permanent resident in Canada, outside of Quebec.
  • You must have a national means of identification

How to Apply?

Below, we have outlined the simplest way of signing up for your very own card.

  • Visit the official Sign up page by clicking here (Opens in a new tab)
  • Enter your Full name, mailing address, current address (how long have you been living at the current address), Phone Number and your Total Annual Net Income.
  • Indicate if your Walmart credit card payment statements should be sent to you via mail or electronically and also choose your preferred language.
  • Enter your Date of Birth, Social Security Number (SSN) and your Mother’s Maiden name
  • Click on the “Agree” box and Submit your application.

How to Login to Walmart?

Below are simplified steps to login and manage your Walmart Card.

  • Visit the official Walmart credit card login page as indicated above.
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Click on the “Submit” button to Login

How to Activate your Walmart Card?

Before you start using your Walmart Credit Card login, you will need to get it activated. Below are various methods to activate your card.

1. Call

This perhaps happen to be the easiest of the lot. You can activate your card by calling the Walmart activation phone number on 1-877-362-5952.

You will be required to provide details which includes your card number, zip code, etc

NB: You can also follow these process:

  • Dial 1-877-362-5952 and Press “1” from your mobile phone for card inquiries.
  • Provide your credit card number and dial “#’
  • Provide other required information as may be prompted.

2. Mail

  • Send a mail to the self same address you received your card from
  • Write a short letter with your vital details and send

As soon as your mail is received, your card will be activated. I however have some mini reservations using this step.

3. Online

A yet simplified means of activating your card could be through your online dashboard

  • Visit the credit card page as indicated above
  • Log in to your Walmart account with your username and password
  • Locate the “Activate My Card” tab and click
  • Type in the details of the card as required click Activate.

Walmart Card Payment

Like every other card, you can make payment also on your dashboard or contact support for details.

Walmart Credit Card FAQ

Below are top trending Frequently asked questions about the Walmart credit card for all interested cardholders.

How to get Walmart credit card?

Firstly, you must be above 18years of age to apply with a good credit score between 640-850.

Where can Walmart credit card be used?

The Walmart Credit Card is only acceptable at Walmart stores (Online & Offline), and gas stations that are associated to Walmart. Walmart MasterCard on the other hand can be accepted anywhere in the world that MasterCard is accepted.

How to pay Walmart credit card online?

There are quite a few ways of paying for your Walmart Card online and offline. These includes baying on the official online portal,
Pay through the e-Payment gateway, By phone, By mail and In Walmart stores

Who finances Walmart credit card?

The Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard is financed by Synchrony Bank.

How much is Walmart credit card limit?

The current credit limit stands between $400 and $8,000. This is a great way of boosting and improving your limit and score.

Need Help? Contact Walmart Credit Card Customer Care

For further details and inquiries contact the Walmart Credit Card customer agent on 1-800-925-6278.