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Walmart Mastercard is a store Mastercard received and can be used at the Walmart stores across the State. Offers great cash backs and rewards to cardholders.

This card is beneficial to those that shop often at Walmart; either in the store or online, as well as those that purchase fuel at Walmart and Murphy USA gas Stations.

Walmart MasterCard Review

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The Walmart Master card is issued by Synchrony Bank and offers some great reward features.

  • 3% cashback on purchase make at (This also includes items ordered online)
  • 2% cash back on purchase from Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations.
  • 1% cash back on all other purchase, including those from brick-and-mortar Walmart stores.

Walmart offers two kinds of cards, the regular Walmart reward credit card and this Walmart MasterCard.

The regular card is used only for Walmart purchases purposes while the MasterCard is accepted wherever MasterCard is likably accepted.

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Walmart MasterCard Fees & Rates

  • Annual Percentage Rate – 18.15% – 24.15% (Variable)
  • Cash Advances APR – Not applicable
  • Cash advances – Not applicable.
  • Late Fee – $27 – $38
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – Not applicable
  • Sign Bonus – $25 statement credit after spending at least $25 at Walmart within the first 24 hours of account opening
  • Regular Balance Transfer APR – Not applicable
  • Intro Balance Transfer – Not available
  • Regular Purchase APR – 24.15% variable


  • The Walmart credit card has no annual fee charge
  • The Walmart credit card has a save cash back program.
  • 3%  cashback on purchase made at restaurants
  • 2%  cash back on purchase of fuel at the Walmart and Murphy USA gas Stations excluding Murphy Express.
  • Walmart customers with poor to average credit or no credit history at all, those looking for a means to improve their credit score can build up their credit score with the Walmart credit card
  • Easier Approval – People who are new to credit cards or have poor credit will still qualify for Walmart credit card.
  • Customers that have FICO Scores as low as 660 will be approved. The Reward Card from Walmart requires at least a credit score of 550 or higher.
  • Fraud Protection available with access to special 6-12 months financing options.
  • Sign up bonuses.

How To Apply?

  • Visit the application page by clicking here
  • Navigate to the sign up section, fill the required information that concerns you such as; First and last name, Home address, city, State, Zip code, Home phone, Business phone number, Other phone number Email address, etc.
  • Review the Terms and conditions and SUBMIT your Application.

How To Check Application Status?

To check your Walmart Mastercard application status, you can the designated representatives on 1-977-294-7880.

You will be requested to provide your application reference number to the customer service Representative.

How To Activate?

There are two ways to activate your Walmart MasterCard.

credit card: By Call and second one online registration process.

  1. By Phone Call – To activate your account by phone call, you can call Walmart representatives on 1 (877) 969-9020.
  2. Online – Visit the Walmart Master card official portal and supply these details (User ID); click on the sign in button and hit the ENROLL now button to access your account.

How To Login?

Below is a simplified step to login to your card account and make bill payments /manage your account.

  • Visit the official login page located here
  • Enter your Username ID in the box under the page follow by your password
  • Scroll down and click on login

Walmart MasterCard FAQ

In the light of questions been asked about this Walmart card, we have made a compilation of some popular and frequently asked questions on the card.

How to get Walmart Mastercard?

Visit the Walmart Mastercard application page here, fill the required information, review the terms and conditions and SUBMIT your Application.

Can i use my Walmart Mastercard anywhere?

The Walmart MasterCard is a MasterCard and as such, can be used anywhere Mastercard is enabled. This also includes and not limited to stores in the state but abroad also.

How to make Walmart Mastercard payments online?

You can make payments by Logging to your dashboard, under BILL PAYMENT, click on make payment. You can also make your payments by calling the designated customer service representatives on 1 (877) 969-9020.

How to cancel Walmart Mastercard anytime?

You can terminate and cancel your Walmart MasterCard at any time by contacting the designated customer care service representatives on 1 (877) 969-9020. You are to make all pending bill payments before termination.

Need Assistance? Contact Walmart MasterCard Customer Service

You can contact Walmart Credit Card Customer Service for your inquiries and any other information by calling 1-977-294-7880.

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