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Westrich Credit Card has been reviewed here for all those looking for Westrich Furniture & Appliances credit cards.

Westrich Credit Card Review

Westrich Furniture & Appliances Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. This card makes your shopping experience easy and affordable therefore they make provisions for special financing up to 12 months.

Westrich Furniture & Appliances Credit Card Benefits

Below are some of the benefits that is accrued to your Westrich card.

  • Cardholders are offer 0% interest special financing
  • There is also promotions on furnitures, Mattress and appliances 
  • You gain convenient payment schedule 
  • Cardholders are attended to by dedicated customers service  
  • Access to 24/7 online account management 

Westrich Credit Card Fees And Rates 

  • Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases –  29.99%
  • APR for cash Advances – Not applicable 
  • Interest free period – 23 days 
  • Minimum Interest Charge –  $2
  • Cash Advances fees – Not Applicable 
  • Foreign Transaction – Not Applicable 
  • Activation – None
  • Late Payment – $38

How To Apply For Westrich Credit Card?

Below are simplified means of applying for the above listed card

  • At their official webpage here and read the terms and conditions before applying. 
  • Enter, the initial Purchase Amount if Known 
  • Enter First Name, MI and Last name
  • Type in your Street address, Apt, Zip code, City & State, Housing information and Primary Phone.
  • Type in your Email Address, Social Security number/ ITIN , Date of Birth, Monthly Net Income from all sources , Add a joint applicant. (Tick to indicate) 
  • Scroll down and click on “Continue” button to APPLY

How To Check Westrich Card Application Status? 

Applicants of Westrich Furniture & Appliances can check their application status by calling at 1- 866-419-4096

How To Activate Your Westrich Card?

To activate a new acquired Westrich Furniture & Appliances Card, You are to call the number at the front of the sticker attached to the credit card on arrival. Or use the customers service care numbers below for assistance. 

How To Log In To Westrich Credit Card?

  • Visit the Synchrony Bank home page indicated above.
  • Click on “Your Account” widget 
  • On the Log in section, enter your User ID and Password 
  • Click on the “Secure Login” button 

How To Recover Your Username ID And Password?

Below are the steps to recover your login details.

  • On the “Log In” section of the Synchrony Bank  
  • Click on the “Find User Name” link
  • On the next page, enter account number, last four digits of SSN and Date of Birth.
  • Click on the “Continue“ button to find your user name and reset your password. 

Need Help? Contact Westrich Customer Service Center

In the event that you need further assistance, you can contact their Customer Service Number on 1-866-419-4096